Applied mathematics related posts – mostly related to ML and data science, and some game engine development related stuff too! I do my best to make each post as accessible as possible 🙂

  • Calculus Made Easy: Differentiation

    In the previous post we looked at limits, this time we’ll take a look at derivatives in calculus (which utilises limits). If you aren’t confident with limits yet, don’t worry, you can check out my last post to get up to speed super quick. Derivatives allow us to calculate the slope (also known as the […]

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  • Calculus Made Easy: Limits

    I wanted to cover the topic of limits in calculus. Calculus is often called the mathematics of change, and handles topics like rates of change. These are super important topics with tons of applications, especially within machine learning, deep learning and AI in general. I’ll build on this topic of limits in the following posts […]

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